Monday, May 4, 2009

Fuck Econ

FUCK ECON I HOPE I FAIL THAT SHIT SO I CAN TAKE IT AGAIN WASTE monEY AND ACE THAT SHIT THEN sHIT oN THE TEachers face and fly all those fury posters around campus next year. Just a opcize amount so it would take forever to clean. HAHAHAHhaha I'm a monster.

And I been up for so long but not long enough

If I cared about this school, then I'd know someone that I could considerablely call my friend. Or a person that had even the slightest interest in my existence as a human being from this school, or any reason at all to care that I don't become a decomposing corpse in the corner of my fucking room. Or just vanish completely for ever or just die in the middle of the hallway and just think it would be trash on the ground. Then MAYBE I"D STAY AT this bullshit ass school. MAYBE.. FUCK RHODE ISLAND. RANT RANTY RANT RANT! ('Just bored not upset', dealt with a year of this so it is normal') PISSED AT ECON ROOOOOOAR

wow as I type and look at the things I've typed I realize maybe I should just not post this. But there is no turning back. To me it looks retarded and pointless. Even now I don't know why I continue to type. I could just stop and lay down. My eyes are bloodshot and they sting. But my fingers are subtelly yet chaoticly tapping the keys.

My life isn't that bad but I just ranted about shit that already happened. Due to my own faults ? or my messed up year. whatever I am drained of all the energy that I didn't have in the first place to day. I thik I am seeing things.

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